Q: How does the machine work?

Q: When are the movies updated?

Q: How is payment completed for renting a movie?

Q: Can Customers reserve their selections online?

Q: Is the credit card information safe? What type of security protects the credit card information?

Q: Does the kiosk issue receipts?

Q: Does the machine have the ability to price DVDs differently and at what increments?

Q: Do you help me with setting rental fees and other aspects of the machine setup?

Q:  Will the kiosks allow for rentals of Blu-ray and video games?

Q: What are the benefits of renting and selling DVDs. Is this actually a money maker?

Q: With Redbox going up everywhere, how hard will it be to find my own locations? Do most stores already have a contract with Redbox?

Q: How can I get information on pricing?

Q: I am very interested in getting into this business, and I would like to understand what the start up costs are?

Q: What warranty comes with the machine?

Q: Is there any software to manage the kiosk and the inventory?

Q: How do I order movies and what is the cost?

Q: I am not a movie person, so how do I know which movies to purchase to load into the kiosk?


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